The 100 Wells Project

The 100 Wells Project is an outreach of South Shore Christian Fellowship in Hawaii. It is our mission to dig 100 wells for the people of rural Cambodia. Fresh water is a precious resource in Cambodia and many families live without access to it.


Most Khmer people drink water out of tainted ponds or marshes which are polluted because of livestock and waterfowl. Sadly, it is also considered "good luck" to bury the dead near water. This further pollutes their already limited resource and leads to sickness and death for many.


During the dry season children have to walk many kilometers to fetch water for their families and gardens leaving them unable to get a proper education. This continues a cycle of poverty which we believe the 100 Wells Project can help to break.


Just one of our 100 wells provides fresh drinking water for close to 200 people. It also enables families to cook, bathe, wash their clothes, water their gardens and feed their animals. It promotes sanitary conditions and health in the community especially during the dry season when many become ill through dehydration or tainted water sources. It also helps families economically since many are forced to purchase water from vendors. All of our wells are free and open to the entire community.


Each well that we dig costs $550. First, we bore and place a 2" pipe 100 feet down to the water table and cap the flow. Workers then dig the well shaft to 30 feet, sealing concrete fittings which will serve as the water reservoir. At the surface, a platform is poured and the well structure covered. This provides protection (from animals) while allowing access for the entire community. Since our wells are deeper than other seasonal systems they ensure a year round supply of clean water. On each well we place a small plaque with a gospel message and information for a nearby church where families can get prayer and further assistance.


So far, we have finished 22 wells in the Takeo Province and more are in the planning phase. These wells have become a vital source of life for thousands of people. With your help we can reach thousands more.


Will you give to help the thirsty? Jesus said, "Whoever gives a cup of cold water to one of these little ones shall not lose their reward" (Matthew 10:42) Your gift will change the lives of many and five hope to a new generation. Please visit the "Donate" link above and give generously to the 100 Wells Project. Your gift is completely tax deductible and will be processed through South Shore Christian Fellowship. Thank you for partnering with us to provide fresh water for the beautiful people of Cambodia.




Pastor Bud Stonebraker




(Plaque on the wells)